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Paper-Testing Ink & Printing Ink Test Sheets

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Paper-Testing in Ink Test Sheets (3NT-1)

Printing Ink Drawdown Sheets


Available in six different grades of paper, these sheets provide a variety of substrates for testing ink qualities. They are also useful for testing other coatings because of their range in absorbency and texture.
Indicated weights, densities and calipers are nominal and/or approximate.

NOTE: Several of these Sheets include optical brighteners.  Check the specifications for each sheet.

Leneta Paper-Testing Inks

Leneta Paper-Testing Inks


For Evaluating Mottle, Holdout and Porosity of Coated and Uncoated Papers
These testing inks provide a simple and rapid way of monitoring batch-to-batch variations in paper structure and porosity. Inks of both high and low penetrations are required because the penetration quality of the ink must be appropriate to the holdout of the paper surface being tested. Coated papers, being relatively high in holdout, require a high penetration ink to obtain a sufficiently strong color and mottle pattern. Uncoated papers, being low in holdout, require a low penetration ink to avoid excessively strong color that would overwhelm any mottle or holdout distinctions. Examples of test patterns obtained using the two inks, demonstrating their ...
Applicator for Paper-Testing Ink

Applicator for Paper-Testing Ink

Constructed of aluminum, this low cost applicator is designed specially for use with Leneta Testing Inks. One edge has a 10 mil (250 µm) clearance and applies a 3 inch (75 mm) wide film. The opposite edge can be used as a convenient scraper.
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