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Film Applicators and Accessories

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Applicators - Blade Type

Applicators - Blade Type

Also referred to as "Drawdown Bars" or "Doctor Blades", they apply a wet film thickness approximately half their gap clearance. They are essential laboratory equipment for making uniform and reproducible applications on Leneta Charts and other surfaces.
Leneta Wire-Cators™

Leneta Wire-Cators™


Used to Apply Controlled Film Thickness Drawdowns of Liquid Coatings
Also known as: Wire-Bar Applicators, Mayer Rods
General Description: Wire-Wound Rods

Characteristics of Leneta Wire-Cators
  1. Wire Diameters: 2.5-75 mils (0.064-1.9 mm), provides wet film thicknesses: 0.18-6 mils (4.5-150 µm)
  2. Length of winding: 10 inches (254 mm). Sufficiently long to coat most standard size panels and charts.
  3. Length of rod: 12 inches (305 mm). Provides an inch (25 mm) clear for grasping at each end.
  4. Diameter of rod: 1/2 inch (12.7 mm). Thick enough to provide essentially perfect rigidity.
  5. Composition: All stainless steel. No rust or corrosion, even with waterborne coatings. Non-magnetic, permits use with steel ...
Sag and Leveling Test Charts

Leneta Anti-Sag Meter


Used in ASTM D4400, Test Method for Sag Resistance of Paints
This is a drawdown blade with a series of notches of successively higher clearance. The notch clearance is related to the degree of sagging and provides a numerical value referred to as the Anti-Sag Index. The higher the Anti-Sag Index the better the sag resistance of the coating. The development of this instrument and its versatility for control and research have been described in published reports. Official Digest (JCT), October 1962. Official Digest (JCT), January 1964. The Anti-Sag Meter is called for in ASTM Method D 4400 and Federal U.S. Fed, No. 141 Method 4494 test methods and is essential equipment in paint laboratories in the U.S.A. and throughout the ...
Leneta Leveling Test Blade and Standards

Leneta Leveling Test Blade and Standards

Used in ASTM D 4062, Test for Leveling of Paints
Form TG19 Logicator™ Chart

TG19 Logicator™

This a Geometric-Sequence Multi-Notch Applicator, designed for rapid visual hiding power measurements. It conforms with ASTM Method D 5007, Wet-to-Dry Hiding Change. In this standard, the hiding power of the wet film and then of the dry film are observed visually, and the percentage increase or decrease is reported. Leneta Form 23B Chart is designed specifically to compliment Item TG-19.
Leneta Drawdown Plates

Leneta Draw Down Plates

Leneta drawdown plates consist of a glass clipboard set firmly on a phenolic plastic panel and mounted on rubber bumpers to prevent sliding while in use. The drawdown surface is 6 mm (1/4 inch) thick polished glass, equal in planarity to fine mirror glass. A steel clip holds the test chart or panel steady while the drawdown is made. These devices provide economical and convenient means for making drawdowns of uniform film thickness. They are easy to use, easy to keep clean, and extremely helpful in every paint and coatings laboratory.
Vacuum Plate - Perforated

Leneta Vacuum Plate

This is a flat, perforated aluminum plate, with a 9 x 12 inch surface, on which hiding power charts and other flexible surfaces may be placed and held flat during application of coatings. The surface is large enough to accommodate all Leneta chart sizes up to 8-5/8 x 11-1/4 inches. A vacuum pump or source of laboratory vacuum is required.
Non-Stick Inter-Leaf Papers

Non-Stick Inter-Leaf Papers

Leneta Inter-Leaf Papers are thin, specially treated, non-stick sheets that protect your test chart applications from being marred by the effects of residual tack.
When stacking, shipping or storing test charts, insert Leneta Inter-Leaf Papers between the charts.
Paint-Out Starter Kit

Paint-Out Starter Kit

Low cost, entry level kit for making commercial quality drawdowns. Designed for facilities such as paint stores and small labs, where experience with uniform film application is minimal. This kit provides all items needed to make paint-outs at practical film thicknesses, for samples or for testing.
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