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Form WC-44, Leneta Wire-Cator™

Used to Apply Controlled Film Thickness Drawdowns of Liquid Coatings
Also known as: Wire-Bar Applicators, Mayer Rods
General Description: Wire-Wound Rods

Characteristics of Leneta Wire-Cators
  1. Wire Diameters: 2.5-75 mils (0.064-1.9 mm), provides wet film thicknesses: 0.18-6 mils (4.5-150 µm)
  2. Length of winding: 10 inches (254 mm). Sufficiently long to coat most standard size panels and charts.
  3. Length of rod: 12 inches (305 mm). Provides an inch (25 mm) clear for grasping at each end.
  4. Diameter of rod: 1/2 inch (12.7 mm). Thick enough to provide essentially perfect rigidity.
  5. Composition: All stainless steel. No rust or corrosion, even with waterborne coatings. Non-magnetic, permits use with steel panels on a magnetic chuck.


Wire Diameter1

44 mil

Approximate Film Thickness

3.3 mil


Stainless Steel

Length of Winding

10 in

Length of Rod

12 in

Diameter of Rod

1/2 in

International Standards

ASTM D 4147
1 Diameter given in mil is exact.

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